Matt & Kate

We met in Derby in 2004 and fell in love “DJing” at a friend’s party, got married in 2006 and went to bible college in 2007. We have 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and a girl, and have been involved in Pathway church since all this were nowt but fields. We like music (Matt plays guitar, both of us can work a variety of music playing devices), good food and good company.


Interesting Facts

Kate has been doing a cross stitch of the last supper for the last 6 years and has nearly finished the table, only 12 disciples to go! When we got married and combined our record collections (actual records, before you could buy them in the supermarket), Matt had more of the same albums as Kate’s dad than Kate.

Matt’s Favourite Movies

Is very bad at picking favourites of anything, which is nice for the kids

Kate’s Favourite Movies

The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Hot Drink Preference?

Kate prefers her coffee with milk, no sugar and her tea with milk, tip of the spoon. Matt chooses coffee with milk, no sugar and tea with milk and one sugar.

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