International Community

Tim & S

We moved to Leicester with our two daughters in 2013, having lived and worked in Central Asia for fifteen years, and now work with international people in this city. We enjoy teaching, meeting people of other cultures and playing tennis!

Interesting Facts

S: my birth certificate says I was born in a church. This was because the head officials of the village kept getting shot, so I had to be registered at my parents’ church building in the city centre. P.S. I wasn’t born in England!
Tim: I designed a dam for a farmer in Zambia.

Tim’s Favourite Movies

  1. Ghandi
  2. The God’s Must be Crazy II
  3. The Man from Snowy River

S’s Favourite Movies

  1. Pride and Prejudice
  2. The Hundred Foot Journey
  3. Dances with Wolves

Hot Drink Preference?

Both prefer tea over coffee, but with tea: if we’re drinking English tea, with milk and no sugar. If we’re drinking Eastern tea, without milk but with sweets and nuts.

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