Darren & Hayley

We’re Darren and Hayley and we live just north of the city. We’ve been married now for 21 years and have 4 fantastic children, Josh, Beth, Mia & Caleb. We became registered foster carers in 2016 and are privilaged to care for and support children and their families from Leicester. We are passionate about the family unit and look for the North Leicester Community to live life as extended family & being family to those that are in need of one. As a family we love to be out walking, cycling and BBQ-ing!


Interesting Facts

¬†Hayley once appeared in an episode of CBBC game show Copy Cats with Sam and Mark. Darren, in his teenage years, once cycled 50 miles just to see Hayley, while she was on holiday, just for one day…true love!

Darren’s Favourite Movies

  1. Braveheart
  2. Shawshank Redemption
  3. Robots

Hayley’s Favourite Movies

  1. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
  2. The Notebook
  3. Jerry Maguire

Hot Drink Preference?

Darren likes black coffee or tea with milk. Hayley’s drink of choice is decaf tea with milk.

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